Art is a world as wide as the deepest ocean. One will never discover all its treasures nor its boundaries. It is a never-ending journey through colors, lines, shapes...

Alicja PolechonskaThe purpose of art is to join all nations and civilizations in order to move around this world and approach people of different cultures, making the world a better place to live. Color and dynamism in pictorial composition are essential for the artist. Through colors she expresses her emotions and the depths of her soul and intuition. The first impression is the most decisive in the artist's mind and it enables the development of the dialogue between the artist and the beholder.

The original inspiration comes from the observation of her environment and experience. The atmosphere of the artist's work affects the warmth of the colors. The human and social factor is very important in her work. She mainly expresses her creativity through the themes of immigration and globalization, education and mixing of cultures.

In her paintings, she mainly uses mixed techniques, pastel, charcoal, watercolour and acrylic.

Her artistic style alternates between figurative and abstract.

As part of her professional activity as a teacher of French as a foreign language, she has met with uprooted people from Poland whom she depicted in her paintings.

In the series of paintings made with mixing techniques, she paints immigrants who have left their country or region in order to flee from war, dictatorship, genocide or dire poverty in the hopes of a better life. Through her paintings, she expresses and talks about her experience in Belgium.

In the series of watecolour paintings, she depicts landscapes, flower arrangements and also some still lifes, in a figurative manner.

In the series of acrylic paintings, she depicts still lifes in a figurative or abstract manner.

In the series of joyful patterns, she represents clowns, venetian and african masks, Flamenco dancers.